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10 Different Ways to Workout in Los Angeles 🏋🏼

Barre @ Bar Method for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Barre @ Bar Method

At Bar Method, strength training is combined with cardio and stretching. If you’re new to Barre, we recommend starting with their beginner-level Bar Basics class. From positions and postures to movements and techniques, you will be taught all the basics. Let the trainer know it's your first class so you can get some added attention.

Dance Fitness @ Zumba for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Dance Fitness @ Zumba

Zumba is a form of dance exercise that gets one sweating within minutes. Jumping to the beat of the music, you can burn calories without even noticing. Bored of traditional workouts? Zumba is for you! Zumba offers classes all over LA for beginners and veterans to join in!

Pole @ Jagged Vertical for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Pole @ Jagged Vertical

Famous for its pole dancing, Jagged Vertical combines dance, aerial, and fitness training. From beginner to advanced, all levels of expertise are catered to at this studio.

Water Aerobics @ YMCA for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Water Aerobics @ YMCA

Water aerobics consists of rhythmic exercises that aim to improve your core strength and stamina. While basic aerobics has many different workouts such as walking, cycling, hiking, and swimming, the YMCA in LA offers water exercises so you can have fun and stay fit!

Yin @ Hot 8 Yoga for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Yin @ Hot 8 Yoga

All Yoga sessions at Hot 8 Yoga are carried out in a heated room. Once you get sweating, the positions can burn many calories without you even realizing it! For beginners, the Yin class at Hot 8 Yoga aims to provide deep stretch and increase blood flow to your muscles and joints. If you want a little bit more, then try the Power 1 class.

Circuit Training @ Hiit House LA for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Circuit Training @ Hiit House LA

Classes for circuit training are offered at Hiit House LA, home of the 45-minute workout. Focussing on full-body strength with cardio, the exercise routine here aims to burn the maximum number of calories in a minimum amount of time. If you are already in good shape and want to jump start your fitness, then Hiit House LA is the place for you.

Aerial Yoga @ Air Fit Now for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Aerial Yoga @ Air Fit Now

Aerial Yoga at Air Fit Now is one of the most fun and different workouts in Los Angeles. In this class, one jumps about in a wide space in various poses while being suspended with the help of a stretchable hammock. Aerial Yoga combines different aspects of Pilates, Yoga, and traditional workouts.

Running @ Track Club LA for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Running @ Track Club LA

Get on a track with Track Club LA and start running! This running club is for all ages and all abilities. An example class will have the beginning group doing 6-8 x 400m at 5K pace with 2:00 jog recovery, while the regular group does 4 x 600m uphill, recover downhill. Odd intervals at a relaxed tempo pace, even intervals hard.

Squat Racks @ Crunch Fitness for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Squat Racks @ Crunch Fitness

Squats are one of the most straightforward and high-yield workouts one can do. Squats burn a lot of fat because they work the biggest muscles in our body, helping you get in shape in no time. So, join a gym like Crunch Fitness in LA and hit that squat rack!

Plyometrics @ Plyo Fitness for Fitness Journey in Los Angeles

Plyometrics @ Plyo Fitness

Plyo Fitness is another one of the ways to workout in Los Angeles. It focuses on workouts with plyometric exercises to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. They also provide fitness advice, guidance, nutrition planning, and even meal prep options!

Did you try one of the 10 ways to workout in Los Angeles?

As busy as it gets in LA, we barely have any time for ourselves. But one shouldn’t use that as an excuse to not make fitness a top priority. Hopefully, this list provides some fitness options that you will enjoy without losing interest!


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