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Secret Tesla Coil active in Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Secrets & Hidden Gems in Los Angeles

Find the best-kept secrets and uncover hidden gems in Los Angeles. From the secret things to do in LA to obscure wonders, dive into a unique travel adventure with our special guides to LA LA Land.

Secrets of Beverly Hills cover with Beverly Hills Hotel Pink Pool Cabanas

A trip to Los Angeles isn't complete without rubbing elbows with the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Sure, you could hop on one of the many "movie star home" tour buses that parade through town each day (and we're not too proud to admit it - they're kinda fun), but if you're looking to experience the 90210 like a local, we've got you covered. Here's a list of the 10 "best-kept" secret things to do in Beverly Hills for your next adventure.

Echo Park Secrets Title Cover v1 16x9.png

Ready to uncover the hidden gems in Echo Park? From secret stores to hidden bars, Echo Park offers a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.

Silver Lake Los Angeles cover photo.jpg

15 Best-Kept Secrets in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Find Silver Lake's hidden gems for an incredible experience in this eclectic Los Angeles hot spot. You'll find Walt Disney's first studio, a hidden pool bar, musical stairs, and much more within our list of the best-kept secrets in Silver Lake, California.

Secret Malibu Pyramid House

Malibu the city is practically a secret to many Los Angeles locals (since it's a long drive for many) but what about the actual secrets in Malibu itself? As always, we are here to provide the biggest and best guides to LA, so we present your guide to Malibu secrets. From secluded beaches to hidden beach clubs, the best surfing spots to a real Old West Saloon, we've curated a fantastic list of choices to help you explore the hidden side of Malibu that you didn't know existed.

Hollywood Blvd Secrets in LA with bustling city street.

Uncover the allure of Hollywood's vibrant history and culture by taking a look at our ultimate guide to the top secret things to do in LA's famous Hollywood neighborhood. From uncovering Hollywood Boulevard to the hidden art at iconic landmarks to indulging in off-menu delicacies: here are the hidden gems to discover in this infamous California hotspot.

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