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10 Best Restaurant Burgers in Los Angeles (Ranked)

Pictures of delicious burgers from the selected restaurants of LA Today's 10 Best Restaurant Burgers in Los Angeles rankings

Ranked! The Top 10 Restaurant Burgers in Los Angeles for 2024. Some of the city's best burgers are ones you might not have heard of until now...

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(Ranked) Best Restaurant Burgers in LA


📍 Location: 9345 Reseda Blvd, Northridge

🍔 Most Popular Burger: Pastrami Burger

💰 Price: $

King's Burgers Got Sushi makes its way to the number one spot on our list of best burger places in Los Angeles for 2024. All their burgers are fantastically delicious in this very LA "sushi + burgers" establishment. However, unlike a lot of other hybrid cuisines, Kings does everything at a very high level.

🪄 Insider Tip: It's also one of the BEST sushi spots in LA.

📍 Location: 3179 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles

🍔 Most Popular Burger: The Morrison Burger

💰 Price: $$

Filet Mignon on top of my burger? Yes, please! The Morrison is a pub-style restaurant with some of the best burgers in LA. It's popular because of it's huge menu with plenty of burger options, from the popular Morrison Burger (Filet Mignon & Beef Burger) to truffle burgers and breakfast burgers. They even do a fancy version of In-N-Out style fries.

🪄 Insider Tip: They have an amazing selection of whiskey.

📍 Location: 3229 Helms Ave, Los Angeles

🍔 Most Popular Burger: The Office Burger

💰 Price: $$

One of the most famous and BEST burger places in Los Angeles is Father's Office. It's a restaurant full of delectable bites and delicious beer. This Michelin Star bar and restaurant's lengthy menu varies per location but one thing will remain the same: their world-renown burger, The Office Burger. It's a juicy beef patty topped with caramelized onion, bacon, gruyere, maytag blue, and arugula.

🪄 Insider Tip: Don't ask for Ketchup, it's a sin here.

📍 Location: 10801 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

🍔 Most Popular Burger: Steakburger

💰 Price: $

The Apple Pan prides itself on "Quality Forever" which is what contributes to their popularity of being one of the best restaurant burgers in Los Angeles. Their delicious burger options and 40's diner ambiance creates an environment full of nostalgia and good eats for everyone who steps through their door.

🪄 Insider Tip: They also have great pies, ranging from apple to coconut cream.

📍 Location: 108 W. 2nd St, Los Angeles

🍔 Most Popular Burger: Spiced Lamb Burger

💰 Price: $$

Badmaash is another Los Angeles restaurant that specializes in hybrid cuisines, "maashing" together Indian and Canadian flavor profiles. Their Spiced Lamb Burger has been voted one of the best burgers in the USA by many outlets and the Chicken Masala Poutine is a must-try.

🪄 Insider Tip: It's the only Indian-Canadian gastropub we know of, which means a great selection of unique beers.

📍 Location: 1320 2nd St, Santa Monica

🍔 Most Popular Burger: HiHo Double

💰 Price: $

Hi-Ho Cheeseburger is an LA burger you shouldn't miss out on, as it is one of the only burger restaurant that exclusively serves 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef. Their menu features burger options along with chicken sandwiches, fries, "made from scratch" shakes, house-made desserts, and beer & wine.

🪄 Insider Tip: HiHo Cheeseburger is also known for their Willie Mae Fried Chicken Sandwich.

📍 Location: 15 Washington Blvd, Venice

🍔 Most Popular Burger: World Famous Cheeseburger

💰 Price: $

Hinano Cafe has been around since 1962, drawing in customers for being one of the best burger places in Los Angeles as well as being steps away from the iconic Venice Beach pier. Their World Famous Cheeseburger is a must-eat if you visit.

🪄 Insider Tip: Hinano Cafe was said to be Jim Morrison's favorite Venice Beach spot.

📍 Location: 6221 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles

🍔 Most Popular Burger: Smash Burger

💰 Price: $

For The Win is LA's hidden gem for burger aficionados. This lesser-known spot might become your new obsession. Imagine this: a juicy, perfectly smash burger patty nestled between a soft, toasted bun, topped with melting cheese and all the fixings you crave in a very laid-back atmosphere.

🪄 Insider Tip: It's getting rave reviews as one of the best cheeseburgers in California.

📍 Location: 14058 Ventura, Sherman Oaks

🍔 Most Popular Burger: Smash Burger

💰 Price: $$

You wouldn't even know this restaurant existed by the unassuming exterior, however, make no mistake this place is trendy and popular for the "locals." Another great smash burger selection made with Wagyu beef but they also have a classic burger and some mini short-rib sliders.

🪄 Insider Tip: They have a weekend brunch with red velvet pancakes.

📍 Location: 3525 West Carson St, Torrance

🍔 Most Popular Burger: 50/50 Burger

💰 Price: $$

Slater's 50/50 is one of the coolest burger places in Los Angeles, with award-winning burgers that are loaded with all sorts of crazy ingredients, from spicy jalapeños to scoops of vanilla ice cream. Scott Slater founded the restaurant on the belief that bacon is "meat candy" - which inspired the creation of their 50/50 patty - 50% ground beef and 50% bacon.

🪄 Insider Tip: Feel like mixing sweet with salty? Try the "Peanut Butter & Jellousy" burger.


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