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10 Labor Day Weekend Events in Los Angeles 2021

With the end of summer approaching, everyone is looking forward to Labor Day Weekend, falling between the 4th and the 6th of September this year.

Many people in Los Angeles use Labor Day Weekend to get away from their jobs and have some much-needed fun in the City of Angels. So, let’s explore the best Labor Day Weekend events in Los Angeles!

Pantages Theater Events in Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

Hamilton at Pantages Theatre

Lin Manuel-Miranda’s musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton is a massive hit among Millennials and Gen Z alike. Miranda described Hamilton as about "America then, as told by America now." Book your tickets for Hamilton at Pantages Theatre on Labor Day Weekend today!

Fiesta Hermosa at Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

Fiesta Hermosa

This art festival is a fun way for many LA locals and visitors to spend the Labor Day Weekend. Roam the art stalls, sample the great food, and even go for a swim in the ocean; all at Fiesta Hermosa.

Aventura Concert at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

Aventura Concert at Dodger Stadium

The Latin Pop band, Aventura is favored for songs such as Obsesión, Dile al Amor, and El Malo. Catch them belting out melodies at the iconic Dodger Stadium in LA this Labor Day Weekend. Hurry up, or all the tickets will sell out!

Street Food Cinema at Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

Street Food Cinema

If you are a foodie and a movie lover, what better way to spend the Labor Day Weekend than at one of Street Food Cinema’s various events across LA? Each event screens a fan-favorite movie and offers food from LA’s excellent gourmet food trucks.

Boat Cinema at Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

Boat Cinema

Since LA is the world’s movie capital, many Labor Day events are movie screening related. Boat Cinema screens films with nautical themes on Castaic Lake for a magical experience under the LA sky.

The Hella Mega Tour at Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

The Hella Mega Tour

If you’re from Gen X or a Millennial, chances are you’ve been a fan of either Fall Out Boy, Green Day, or Weezer at one point in your lives. Grab tickets to their joint Hella Mega Tour, with a blockbuster performance scheduled for Labor Day.

Smorgasburg at Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

Smorgasburg LA

Smorgasburg LA is the event foodie dreams are made of. Spend your Labor Day Weekend roaming the variety of food stalls at Smorgasburg LA and enjoying the wares from its more than 75 vendors.

Cinespia - Cemetery Film Screenings at Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

Cinespia - Cemetery Film Screenings

Each summer, Cinespia hosts many fun-filled picnics at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in which people re-watch their favorite flicks, dance the night away, and have fun with their friends and family. This Labor Day Weekend you can watch Boogie Nights (September 4th) or The Breakfast Club (September 5th) in a unique way.

The Tempest at Griffith Park, Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

The Tempest at Griffith Park

The Independent Shakespeare Co. performs Shakespeare’s plays in Griffith Park for people to enjoy. All you need to do is bring your snacks and a picnic blanket. This year, they’ll be putting on the Tempest for fans of the Bard’s tragicomedies.

626 Night Market at Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend 2021

626 Night Market

626 Night Market is a mixture of the best of LA with excellent food, great live music, and late-night events. Inspired by the famous open-air night-time bazaars of Asia, this event extends well into the night and provides food from over 250 fantastic locales.

Are you excited about attending any of these events this Labor Day Weekend? We here at LA Today hope you have fun!


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