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Best Beaches on Catalina Island (with Map) 🏖️

Beautiful panorama and imagery of Catalina Island in Avalon, California. The bright blue Pacific Ocean shines as the sun gleams over the city and palm trees.

It's the perfect beach getaway in Southern California. Catalina Island's stunning shores offer an incredible coastal experience for both tourists and LA locals.

Best Beaches on Catalina Island 🏖️



1. Descanso Beach

📍 1 Saint Catherine Way, Avalon

Insider Tip: Reserve a cabana for a VIP experience.

Descanso Beach is a private LA County beach that offers pristine waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding. The popular Descanso Beach Club, Avalon's only beachside restaurant & bar is full of amenities such as nice restrooms, outdoor showers, and cabanas.

2. South Beach

📍 Crescent Ave, Avalon

Insider Tip: South Beach is a great family spot.

South Beach attracts many visitors to Catalina Island with its nearby food, shops, and bathrooms. Enjoy soft sands, calm waters, rocky areas, and a port for boats, plus plenty of outdoor activities.

3. Middle Beach

📍 Crescent Ave, Avalon

Insider Tip: Check out Avalon Grille, a waterfront restaurant overlooking Middle Beach.

Middle Beach, located opposite South Beach near Pleasure Pier, offers a calm and scenic spot perfect for friends and family to relax. It's conveniently close to restaurants, public bathrooms, and shops.

4. Step Beach

📍 Casino Way, Avalon

Insider Tip: A great option for a more secluded beach day.

Step Beach, a smaller strip of sand just north of Middle Beach, offers a relaxing atmosphere with direct ocean access. With lifeguards present during summer, it's a safe spot for families to let their kids swim.

5. Toyon Bay

📍 Toyon Bay Rd, Avalon

Insider Tip: It is a camp spot for schools and students but also open to the public.

Toyon Bay, a picturesque cove a few miles from Avalon, is perfect for exploring and learning about the ocean. Once a boarding school, it now hosts the CIMI summer camp, offering a variety of activities for students.

6. Whites Landing

📍 Whites Landing Rd, Avalon

Insider Tip: Rent a boat for a relaxing day.

White's Landing features expansive sandy areas and crystal-clear waters, making it one of the most picturesque and best beaches on Catalina Island. It's perfect for a relaxing day in one of LA's stunning coves.

7. Goat Harbor

📍 Airport Rd, Avalon

Insider Tip: Just south of White's Landing is Moonstone Cove.

Goat Harbor Beach, situated halfway between Avalon and Two Harbors, features cobblestones and a flat area ideal for sunbathing or camping. It's popular for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, thanks to its rich marine life.


8. Emerald Bay

📍 West End Rd, Two Harbors

Insider Tip: Unless specified on their website or at the bay, only the boaters can access this beach.

Emerald Bay boasts over 100 moorings and anchorage for 5-10 boats. This incredible cove features a long, natural stretch of soft, sandy beach.

9. Harbor Sands

📍 Catalina Isthmus, Two Harbors

Insider Tip: The perfect spot for couples looking for a romantic beach getaway.

Harbor Sands, located on the shore of Isthmus Cove, is a stunning LA beach featuring rent-able lounge chairs and umbrellas. There is stunning beachfront dining and drink service from Harbor Reef Restaurant, as well as a group picnic area with catering for large parties.




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