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7 Secretly Secluded Beaches in Los Angeles 🏖️

Overhead view of the beautiful Malibu coves on El Matador Beach in LA

It's almost summer, and since there are close to 10 million people in Los Angeles County, it's difficult to get away from the local crowds and droves of tourists. LA has many popular beaches attracting the mass public for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. So, what happens when you want a more private oceanside experience than a crowded beach? You head to one of the more hidden and secluded beaches that attract far fewer visitors and deliver a more unforgettable experience. While there are many secluded beaches in California, we've listed our top seven, best hidden beaches in Los Angeles.

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe and Pier

1. Paradise Cove

Tucked under the Malibu cliffs, Paradise Cove is a must-see beach worth visiting; especially for those in need of a stay-cation. A favorite among locals, this iconic Southern California experience is located next to the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. If you don't park on PCH, then expect to pay for parking. Visitors can use the beach at no cost but many go to enjoy the food, drinks, and "lounge-on-the-beach" atmosphere provided at the famous cafe. While a lot of the beach feels secluded, the cafe area can get crowded so make the necessary preparations if you plan to visit.

(Bonus Tip: Paradise Cove leads to Escondido beach, another hidden beach in LA if you don't mind a 2-mile walk.)

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El Pescador Beach shoreline

2. El Pescador Beach

Although El Pescador is part of a set of three beaches in Western Malibu, it stands out on its own for being a great spot to catch a glimpse of sea lions and dolphins. The beach is also known for its pristine, soft sand and rocky, tide pools areas. It's one of the most beautiful beaches in LA.

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Lechuza Beach tree-covered shoreline

3. Lechuza Beach

In Malibu, Lechuza Beach is a little-known spot accessible to the public at the intersection of Bunnie Lane and Broad Beach Road. Visitors stroll through tree-covered paths that lead to the sandy beach. This amazing, beach property has unique, rock formations and notable, kelp forests, making it ideal for a family day, friends hanging out, or even a romantic picnic date.

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El Matador sunset through the beaches rock formations

(TOP PICK) Best Secluded Beaches in Los Angeles

4. El Matador State Beach

El Matador is not only one of the most photographed and Instagrammable beaches in Los Angeles, but it's also the perfect place for sparking romance by taking in the amazing, scenic views. One of the best hidden beaches near Malibu, this small beach is dominated by protruding rocks common on many European beaches. To access El Matador's secluded and beautiful shores, you will have to hike the sandy path and go down the tall wooden staircase. It's worth it if you want to feel like you are on a private beach in Los Angeles.

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Sandy stretch of shoreline at Carbon Beach

5. Carbon Beach

Nicknamed "Billionaires Beach," because of the expensive homes in its proximity, Carbon Beach is a hidden gem in Los Angeles. This crescent-shaped beach is open to the public, who are allowed into various access ways and easements on the beach. While it might not be a "private beach," it definitely feels like one. Understand that this beautiful, pristine location lacks trash cans, restrooms, and lifeguards. However, these are minor inconveniences for those looking for that secluded beach experience. Parking is located on the nearby Pacific Coast Highway.

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Bluff Cove Beach sunset on rocky shoreline

6. Bluff Cove

Palos Verdes in LA has several hidden beaches, but most notably, Bluff Cove. This go-to spot for surfers is also home to brave snorkelers and scuba divers. It's also great for a hike to see its rocky shoreline which stretches for miles. Make sure to visit one of the best hidden beaches in LA.

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Dog laying on sand at Rosie's Dog Beach

7. Rosie's Dog Beach

Beach lover? Check. Dog lover? Check. You'll get to enjoy those two things at the same time when you visit Rose's Dog Beach. This lesser-known beach on Ocean Boulevard is not strictly for dogs but "man's best friend" gets to enjoy time in the Dog Zone (a 4-acre stretch of beach featuring off-leash hours just for dogs),

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Did we miss one of your favorite secluded beaches in Southern California? LA has such a great collection of beaches that you really can't go wrong visiting any of them. However, if you are looking for a bit more private experience, interested in exploring more exotic-looking shorelines, or having a more unique outdoor adventure then definitely visit these secluded spots. For more guides to the best things to do and secrets to see in Los Angeles, then make sure to Subscribe to LA Today 🌴


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